The sudden closure of a popular restaurant has employees demanding answers and customers asking for refunds, according to published reports.

Tucked away in Rosebud, Kline’s Restaurant in Gasconade County attracts diners came from all over the state.

“Everybody loved our desserts . . . and the cinnamon rolls. That was the biggest,” Pat Kline told KMOV.

Pat and her husband, Dave, opened Kline’s Restaurant in 2004 after they both wrapped up careers at Chrysler.

After years of long hours and hard work, they sold the business in March 2018 to Peter Hall of Jefferson City.

But less than nine months later, it all came to a halt Dec. 10 when general manager Shannon Blesi was told the restaurant was closing.

She was shocked when the new owner called it quits, leaving her and dozens of other employees without jobs right before Christmas.

Kline, the original owner who continued working at the restaurant on the weekends, also was in disbelief.

Many people who purchased gift cards have been left hanging.

Hall declined both an on-camera interview and a phone interview with KMOV. He did say he refunded $1,800 in gift certificates but was “getting to the point I can’t do more than that.”

In a past Facebook post and a letter to employees, Hall blamed health issues.

Blesi said Hall’s story doesn’t add up. She said prior to his health issues, he asked her to take over as general manager while he returned to his previous job. Blesi and Kline said business was bustling and they couldn’t imagine that would be a reason to close.

As of Jan. 10, a paper posted on the door of the closed restaurant reads: If you have a gift card or certificate, for a potential refund please submit a copy with your name and address to Kline’s Restaurant.

Employees remain hopeful that a new owner will step up.