Dan Mantle and his son Kyle had been considering opening their own business for a couple of years now.  Last December, Mantle Heating and Cooling got its start.

“We wanted to break out on our own,” Kyle said.

The two have been working in the industry for a combined 43 years — Dan, 33 years, and Kyle, 10 years.

“I think the heating and cooling industry is on an uprise with the refrigerant phase-out,” Dan Mantle said.

Kyle added that there’s a lot of demand for people to change their systems right now due to Freon being phased out.

“A lot of different rebates are available (and) are enticing people to change their systems out rather than just fix them and nurse them along,” he explained.

The father-son duo provide residential and commercial sales and service. They also offer customized plan maintenance.

Additionally, they have a sheet metal shop where they offer custom sheet metal work.

Mantle Heating and Cooling offers air filtration products such as humidifiers and air cleaners. The company also gives free estimates.

“I think the demand for heating and cooling tradesmen is going to be on the uprise,” Dan Mantle said.

Kyle said the new company also offers something that not everyone in the industry can.

“We’re both from Washington originally and a lot of people associate the Mantle name with heating and cooling,” he said.

“We like to give a customer a personal, hometown experience,” Dan Mantle added. 

Mantle Heating and Cooling’s regular business hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The company also offers emergency service on nights and weekends.

Dan Mantle said the internet has helped with finding a solution when it comes to heating and cooling problems.

“Customers now are more educated before you even walk up to the door,” he said. “So it makes it easier to come up with a solution to their needs.”

While they don’t have an storefront yet, they can be reached for service or sales at mantlehtg@gmail.com or by calling Dan at 636-667-1630 or Kyle at 636-221-1313.

“We do plan on having some kind of storefront down the road,” Kyle said.

Dan Mantle said they’re excited for the opportunity to serve the needs of the community and surrounding areas.

“We’re two familiar faces in the area,” he said. “We want to stay here to serve the customers.”