Elsinore Construction and Remodeling LLC, Warrenton, recently was awarded the Tin Man Award from ABiLITY-DSFC Inc., Union.

The company was recognized for its respectful and accepting employees toward an ABiLITY client, while doing a remodel of the client’s bathroom to make it more accessible to his wheelchair.

“Over the two weeks it took to complete this job, Elsinore employees took the time to talk to the client, show him what they were doing, and even included him in some of the decisions,” said Dennis Kramme, community relations coordinator for ABiLITY.

“The client was made to feel a part of the job as he carried the tool bag in his chair,” he said. “The workers often joked around with him, were very respectful, friendly, and even shared their lunch with him during their breaks. When the client had a birthday party, the workers attended the party and brought him T-shirts and a hat.”

Kramme said the Tin Man Award is awarded by ABiLITY to individuals who go the extra mile to include people with developmental disabilities into their communities.

ABiLITY is a nonprofit organization supporting over 200 individuals with developmental disabilities from birth through adulthood throughout Franklin County.

ABiLITY assists people with intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism and other conditions in learning skills to care for themselves, be more independent, hold a job, and build connections and friendships in the community.

The agency began to serve the community in 1987 under the SB40 legislation. ABiLITY separated from the governmental entity in 2016 to focus on a nonprofit role building a stronger community and service team.

The agency works with a board of directors, volunteers, community organizations, staff and families to create an inclusive environment and offer opportunities for learning and growth.