The East Central College Board of Trustees accepted three bids at its July board meeting.

Trustees approved the purchase of 27 desktop computers with LCD monitors for the Rolla student computer lab.

The computers will be funded through a state-negotiated Dell purchasing contract at a cost of $29,700 and paid for with student technology fees.

Phil Pena, vice president of finance and administration, noted that the current computers in the lab are 7 years old and no longer meet the minimum system requirements for the current instructional software.

The second bid was for vending machine snack services at the Union and Rolla North campuses.

Kruger Vending, Sullivan, will continue to provide the snacks, with a 23.2 percent commission rate. Canteen Services, Union, also bid, but only offered a 17 percent commission on snack services.

Beverage services at the Union and Rolla North campus also were approved.

The college received four beverage bids, three from Pepsi-Cola, New Haven, and one from Coca-Cola.

Pepsi bid on three proposals, with the final proposal approved being one in which vending prices are increased and commissions are increased.

The college will receive a 53.1 percent commission.

Pepsi offered a higher commission if the college agreed to serve Pepsi exclusively, but Pena said the preference is to have both Pepsi and Coca-Cola products available for students.

Both the snack and beverage contracts are valid for three years subject to annual approval by the board with the option to continue on an annual basis for three additional years.

The college will receive a 23 percent commission on snacks; 53 percent on bottled soda and 42 percent commission on canned soda. The approval raised the current commission rates by 7.7 percent for snack vending, 7.27 percent for bottled drinks and 5.48 percent for canned beverages.

ECC received more than $32,000 in commission from vending services for the fiscal year that ended June 30. That money is placed in the fund for Café Central.