The East Central College Board of Trustees approved a bid from Cleanway Service LLC, Rolla, to provide custodial services at the ECC Rolla North Campus.

The bid was one of two received. The other was from Ajax Industrial Cleaning LLC, Birmingham, Ala.

Ajax Industrial Cleaning offered services for $104,280. Cleanway Service’s bid was $18,676.

“Did these two companies have the same specifications?” Ann Hartley, trustee president, asked.

ECC President Jon Bauer said both companies were bidding on the same set of specifications.

“To tell you the truth, I was shocked to see Ajax’s (bid) because that building is not very big,” said Phil Pena, vice president of finance and administration. “We did not understand that.”

The difference in the bids may have been due to Cleanway Service being local to Rolla, he said.

Cleanway Service has provided the custodial services for the college in the past. The trustees voted to continue that relationship. 

North Campus

During discussion of the bids, Eric Park, trustee, inquired about the need for two facilities in Rolla. The college in Rolla also has a main campus.

“The credit hours and student growth in that facility (North) has not been stellar,” Park said. “Do we have to have two facilities there?”

If the need for a second campus was nonexistent, he said custodial services would not be needed either.

However, Bauer assured the trustees that the second campus is needed.

“We have to have more space than what’s available at Rolla Main,” Bauer said.

The additional campus was added because the nursing program facilities at the main campus were not sufficient. Bauer said that program ran out of room.

“Rolla North allows us to not only have nursing, but also some other classes and offerings of services there,” said Bauer. “Ideally, it would be better to have everything under one roof. This is what works right now.”