Cathy Mikeworth wants to provide an outlet for people to take their dogs to if they were going to be gone all day. That’s why she created Happy Dog Doggie Daycare.

The doggie day care is located at 1650 W. Fifth St., Washington.

Mikeworth said she used to work in St. Louis and understands how hard it can be to keep a dog while working all day. She opened the doggie day care this summer.

“Exercise is a very important part to every dog,” she said.

Mikeworth’s doggie day care provides exercise, care and some socialization for the dogs in her own fenced-in backyard. She said she has an acre lot.

Dogs can stay a minimum of four hours or up to eight hours, for an added charge.

Mikeworth said the doggie day care is open seven days a week, and she has done some boarding in the past.

“I don’t put dogs in cages or crates,” she said, noting that’s what makes her doggie day care unique.

However, sometimes this means Mikeworth can’t accept a dog into the doggie day care.

Mikeworth prefers dogs that are well socialized. Generally, she would like to have a mix of dogs that have some social skills.

For information, dog parents can contact Mikeworth at 636-234-4040 or visit the facebook page, HAPPY DOG.