A retirement celebration for William “Bill” Dawson took place Saturday, Aug. 10, at the Elks Lodge in Washington.

Earlier this year, Dawson sold his business, Dawson’s Quarry Inc. to Riverstone Quarry Inc.

Dawson began working in the rock quarry business at the age of 12 when Brown Quarries sold its rock crushing operation to his father George P. Dawson. The plant was located west of Washington on old Highway 100 at St. John’s Creek on the Clarence Conrad property.

Dawson learned the business from the ground level by cleaning the office, weighing trucks, running the crusher, hauling, welding and maintaining equipment.

Dawson’s father operated on that location for 10 years. In 1968, he moved to a 20-acre site on Bieker Road which he had purchased from Buck and Matilda Mueller.

Because of that move, the quarry was now centrally located between Washington and Union.

In 1972, Dawson’s father sold his company and property to Litzsinger Inc.

Dawson stayed on as their plant superintendant for four years and, in 1976, he was given the opportunity to purchase the company. He did and renamed the business Dawson’s Quarry.

In 1978, he partnered with Charlie Busch, purchased 65 acres along Highway 47, from Herb Narup, and built another quarry named B&D Stone from scratch.

On Oct. 13, 1983, Dawson’s Quarry purchased the assets, land, and equipment from B&D Stone. The name was then changed to William D. Dawson, Inc. but is yet better known as Dawson’s Quarry.

Bill and his wife, Dianne, thank the community for allowing them to provide this

Dawson and his wife Diane thank the community for allowing them to provide service to them for the past 38 years.