Crossfit Washington will be moving locations potentially by the end of this summer.

Groundbreaking at the new site behind Casey’s General Store on Don Street took place Friday, May 18.

The owners, Brady and Dana Schwartz, said they have outgrown their current, temporary location which is near the Golden Valley Pumpkin Patch, Washington, in a green-and-white metal building.

“As our community continues to grow, we need more space,” Brady said.

The new facility will have bathrooms with showers, a children’s area and members lounge.

The gym has been in Washington for a year now. The new location will be designed specifically for crossfit.

The 4,800 squarefeet of space will allow more people to attend and they’ll be able to offer more class times, the couple said.

The gym also will offer Crossfit Kids, which is a crossfit workout specially designed for children.

Brady noted that Crossfit Washington is the only affiliate for Crossfit Kids in the area.

Future plans for the new location include offering an introduction to crossfit and beginner classes.

The gym has nine experienced coaches and two more will be added. Brady noted the gym will only hire experienced trainers.

The couple is hopeful the new facility will be complete by the end of this summer. The foundation already has been poured.

“The hard part about crossfit is walking through the door,” Brady said, “and now we’re providing a better door.”

Dana noted that crossfit is a great workhouse for everyone and every body type, from children to grandparents.

“Crossfit is tailored to individual skills, needs and goals,” she said. 

Dana said the goal of crossfit is to help people stay active throughout their entire lives to keep them as independent and healthy as possible.

Brady said the trainers focus on helping people execute exercise moves safely while maintaining consistency. He added the crossfit community is made up of like-minded individuals who are striving to become their best selves.

He wants to make sure the facility matches the strength of the community.

Crossfit Washington provide a two-week on-ramp course for everyone who is new to crossfit.

“We’re not just going to throw you in there,” Dana said.

The on-ramp course is required and teaches students several movements with a workout at the end of each class that incorporates those movements. 


Brady, originally from Hermann, and Dana, originally from Fenton, met at Southwest Missouri University. After graduating they lived in various locations in Texas for nine years.

Then they decided to come back to a small community to open a crossfit gym. Now, they say that Washington is their forever home.

Brady has been in the crossfit community for eight years. Dana started over a year ago. Now she says it’s much more part of her life.

“I wish I would have done it sooner,” she said. 

Through crossfit, Dana says she feels like she’s part of something, noting it’s a community-based workout.

Fitness always has been an important part of Brady’s life. He played football for a bit in college and then he needed something to fill that competitive void. He said crossfit was a stress reliever from the corporate lifestyle that he was living.