Franklin County SB40 Resource Board is changing its name to Disability Resource Connection.

The Franklin County SB40 Resource Board funds services for persons with developmental disabilities through a portion of the property tax.

In addition, case management is provided for approximately 570 individuals with developmental disabilities in the county.

Disability Resource Connection is reimbursed for case management through a contract with the Department of Mental Health to provide Medicaid case management.

Due to the continued growth of numbers of people served, Disability Resource Connection needs more office space to provide case management, be more accessible, hold private meetings and administer funding.

As a result of earnings from providing case management, the agency is in position to build a new building. The building is currently being built at 1308 Church Street in Union.

Franklin County SB40 Board of Directors considered three options before going out for bid to build a new building.

The options were move into the building already owned at 1312 Church Street, (currently being leased to ABiLITY to provide services); convert the existing structure; or build a new facility.

After careful consideration of the costs to repurpose an existing building or upset services being provided, it was decided to build a 10,000-square-foot building completing the top floor and part of the basement (records area) and having room to finish the first floor to address future growth and community need.

The new building is being financed through $1,000,000 in past earnings and a $900,000 loan through the United Bank of Union. 

Construction is projected to be complete near the end of January 2019 with a move-in date of March 1 and open house tentatively planned for March 15, 2019.