The Franklin County Planning and Zoning Commission is expected to decide on a rezoning request at Tuesday’s meeting.

The commission is set to meet Tuesday, Aug. 19, at 7 p.m. for its August meeting. The commission will have one item of old business and one piece of new.

The old business is a rezoning request from Sam Wagner. He is requesting the rezoning of 12 parcels, totaling 9 acres, from suburban development to residential development. The property is located on Legacy Lane, just west of Highway M in Villa Ridge.

Wagner made the initial request in July to rezone the property so he could build duplexes.

Wagner said the property has 28 lots for sale, but only six or seven have been sold. He owns one, his mother owns another, and the others have been purchased by others looking to sell homes.

Development of the land, which Wagner has had for several years, has been slow. He said he was seeking to do something to make money.

His current zoning status doesn’t allow duplexes so Wagner requested a change to residential development 2. The commission, however, was concerned with other things that could be allowed on the property with the zoning change.

In the RD2 zoning district, mobile homes are allowed. Planning Director Scottie Eagan asked Wagner why he picked RD2 instead of a residential development.

Eagan said RD offers all the things RD2 offers, but it prevents the land from turning into a mobile home park.

Wagner said he had no intentions of turning the property into a mobile home park, but Commission Co-Chair Jay Schultehenrich said while Wagner might not want one, a future owner could.

In an effort to prevent mobile homes, the commission created some confusion. Members of the commission couldn’t decide if Wagner’s property would be better off being zoned RD, residential development 1 or RD2.

Wagner said he would switch to whatever zoning district that would allow him to have duplexes. Just wanting to get duplexes, Wagner agreed to revise his request and apply for a switch to RD to prevent a future owner from being allowed to have a mobile home park.

With the last-minute change, the confusion over what was allowed and what wasn’t and other factors, the commission decided to send the application to the review committee and vote on the request at the August meeting.

The other item the commission will discuss Tuesday is a conditional use permit request for Paul Cooper. The applicant is seeking a permit to operate an automobile repair business in the nonurban and agricultural zoning district.

Cooper’s business would be located 2528 S. Service Road near Union.