The total number of building permits issued by Franklin County was down slightly between June and July, but single family-dwellings in the county are on the rise.

According to the latest building department report, 75 permits were issued for July with an overall value of more than $5.8 million.

For June, 87 total building permits were issued.

The bulk of value came from 19 permits issued for single-family dwellings totaling just over $4 million in new construction.

There were eight more single-family dwelling permits issued than in June 2017 (11). Sixteen permits were issued in June 2016

Permits for additions and modifications to existing single-family dwellings totaled $677,300 with seven permits issued.

Eight permits were issued for construction of non-residential buildings with a value of $546,000.

Three permits were issued for public works and utilities projects valued at $275,000.

Rounding out the six figure projects in the county was one permit issued for an industrial building valued at $185,000.

Other structures (two), additions of garages and carports (six), and non-residential modifications and additions (one) combined, equalled another $127,000 of potential value.


Over the last 18 months, Franklin County is experiencing a building boom, but is still not back to pre-2008 form.

Construction valuation for single-family dwellings in 2016 totaled $39,719,100.

The estimated value for homes built in 2015 amounted to $30,395,910.

Major increases in permits the past two years are the best numbers in a decade since the housing and economic collapse.

In 2006, the building department issued 303 residential building permits. The next year, in 2007, that number dropped by more than half, down to just 139.

In 2008, 139 were again issued, but in 2009 the number dropped even lower to 106.

Last September, the building department issued 79 total permits, which was one of the highest months in recent years.

Permits issued through the county are just for unincorporated areas, not within municipalities, and seem to be concentrated in the northeastern and eastern portions of the county, mostly outside the larger towns of Washington, Union and Pacific.