The Washington City Council unanimously approved a preliminary plat and a rezoning request for Northern Star Homes LLC during Monday’s meeting.

Northern Star Homes sought the dual requests in order to build more single-family homes at the Malvern Hill site at end of Rabbit Trail Drive.

During the May 12 planning and zoning commission meeting, Northern Star Homes said it wanted to alter the site to build more single-family homes.

Planning and zoning signed off on the requests.

The previously approved plans called for the site to be split into three separate areas. Two areas were zoned R-1C and would each have 12 duplex-style homes.

The third area would be zoned R-1D. The R-1D zoning allows single-family homes to occupy 7,500-square-foot lots.

Initial sales of the R-1D lots were exceeding expectations, Northern Star said.

Because of that, Northern Star asked the city to alter the plans and change the designs on the middle of the three cul-de-sacs.

The middle area will now have 10 lots for single-family homes instead of 12 duplex-style homes.

The loss of two lots was the only major change to the plat.

With the approved changes, Malvern Hills will now have 20 single-family homes and 12 duplexes.