The Washington Planning and Zoning Commission Monday approved a revised plat for the Overlook at Weber Farms that shifts the layout of the subdivision farther north.

Vic Hoerstkamp submitted the revised plat, along with a request to rezone a 0.08 acre lot from R-1D to R-1A and to annex 0.59 of an acre into the city limits.

Feb. 21, the Washington City Council approved a voluntary annexation, along with a preliminary plat, for of 10.95 acres of a residential subdivision.

Cameron Lueken, with Wunderlich Surveying and Engineering, said the amended plat is necessary due to the “topography and rock profile” of the property.

The commission is recommending the city council approve the revised plat, rezoning and voluntary annexation under the same condition placed on the property in February.

The conditions include that Weber Estates and Malvern Hills subdivisions connect to relieve traffic on Rabbit Trail Drive. The Malvern Hill plat was approved under the condition that it will be expanded to the north of the development.

The council agreed to the preliminary plat with the right of way dedication to connect the subdivisions at a later date. The city also will require that sidewalks be built on one side of Weber Heights Drive, but the other side only be graded for sidewalks.

According to Sal Maniaci, city planner, one change in the revised plat is wider cul de sacs. He said the city’s subdivision codes changed since the plat first was approved and the revised plat must meet new requirements.

Maniaci added that there are no longer any driveways off of the main road way, Weber Heights Drive. Under the previous plat there was one driveway located off of the main road.

The developer also is adding one lot to Kuenzel Drive, making the subdivision a total of 31 lots.

City staff is recommending the planning commission grant the rezoning, which will clean up zoning boundaries to match what will be new lot lines.

According to staff, the proposed annexation is not ideal, because it is oddly shaped and creates an island of unannexed territory.

The staff has recommended to the applicant to annex the entire farm at the same time, but he declined.

Staff still recommended approval of the request in order to move the subdivision forward. The Hoestkamp will continue to be charged an application fee of $200 every time a separate annexation is requested.

The developer also must provide access to one home, owned by the Murphy family, located within the unannexed territory.

The home will be readdressed once access is built connecting the access to a road within Overlook at Weber Farms.