The global headquarters of Clemco Holdings has been relocated to Washington.

The move was made by Tom LaMantia, who on May 1 was named CEO and president of Clementina Clemco Holdings Inc.

The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of abrasive blasting equipment. The move strengthens its presence in Washington.

Clemco closed its San Francisco office and consolidated all global headquarters operations to Washington at the One Cable Car Drive location. The Washington office also is the location of Clemco Industries Corp., one of Clementina Clemco’s two subsidiary companies.

Its other subsidiary, Clemco International, is located near Munich, Germany.

In his new role, LaMantia oversees all North and South American operations through Clemco Industries and manages European, Asian and Middle Eastern operations with the president of Clemco International, Rene Boettrich, reporting to him.

LaMantia assumes the roles formerly held by Arnie Sallaberry, who has held various leadership positions within all three organizations for nearly 40 years. Sallaberry will remain as chairman of Clementina Clemco Holdings.

LaMantia has vast experience in manufacturing and worldwide operations stemming from various leadership positions with GE, Honeywell, Watlow Electric, Duke Manufacturing and other organizations.

“Tom has a passion for collaboration and continuous improvement, as well as a deep appreciation for Clemco’s culture and core values,” said Sallaberry.

Clemco Industries, with more than 150 employees, has had a presence in Washington for more than three decades and is the world’s leading manufacturer of compressed-air-powered abrasive blasting equipment, used to clean, deburr, deflash, shot peen, finish, remove corrosion and otherwise improve metal and other surfaces. Since the 1940s, Clemco Industries has built industrial-grade blasting equipment for contractors, manufacturers, facility owners and metal fabricators around the globe, as well as produced operator safety and protection accessories.

The company markets its products in North and South America through a network of subsidiaries and independent distributors.

Clemco International, with 100 employees worldwide, coordinates manufacturing and distribution activities from its office in Germany. This office houses engineering and sales operations and oversees manufacturing locations in Hungary and Denmark in addition to managing sales offices in Spain, Estonia and Singapore.