Three plats for the Front Street Development project were given first-round approval Monday by the Washington Planning and Zoning Commission.

Included in the development plat is a four-story building located at Jefferson and Main streets with retail space on the lower level and a proposed “boutique” hotel on the three other floors, Unerstall said.

“This is a great project,” Mayor Sandy Lucy said. “It is amazing what you have done down there.”

Andy Unerstall, with Front Street Development, LLC, requested the approval of Plats 2, 3 and 4, finalizing the platting requirements for all three of the project sites.

Community and Economic Development Director Sal Maniaci stated the new plats would “clean up” lot lines and reflect the intention of the Tax Increment Finance plan approved in February 2017.

The plats were approved with a 7-0 vote. Commission member Chuck Watson was not at the meeting. The city council must still give final approval.

Plat 2

The second plat of the development is located along the east side of Market between Front and Main streets.

Part of this plat was approved in November of 2017, however this most recent submittal proposes additional lots to the south.

Lot No. 5 will access Market Street and will house a garage and storage space. The plat also proposes an additional nine town homes along Main Street.

Three lots are on the west side of Market while six are on the east side.

Maniaci stated the appropriate cross access easements and fire lanes are shown on each site. The parking lot for the Main Street town homes is shown as a piece of common ground that will be owned and maintained by the homeowners’ association.

The plat also includes a 6-foot setback to the property to the east. A portion of these improvements (the sidewalks along Main and Market) are not in the TIF District requiring a performance contract to be submitted.

Maniaci said city staff recommends approval of amended Plat 2 with a performance guarantee and letter of credit attached.

Plat 3

The third plat in the development includes the block between Front and Main and Market and Jefferson streets. This plat shows only minor adjustments to the existing property lines to fit the proposed buildings, Maniaci said.

Lot No. 3 at the corner of Market and Front streets is getting slightly smaller as Plat 2 uses a portion to create the three town homes along Main Street.

The original lot lines along Main Street are being removed to create Lot 2 which will now be .49 of an acre to house the future commercial structure and parking lot, according to Maniaci.

Also noted on the plat are some property exchanges between the applicant and the owner of lot No. 1. Since the plat is located in the downtown district there are no lot dimension issues with the proposed property exchange. The existing public alley shown on the plat will remain.

The plat also proposes a stormwater easement that runs through the property and under the proposed building on Lot No. 3. The plat will have to note that this stormwater easement will not be dedicated to the city. Since it will run under a private building, any future repair or maintenance of the stormwater pipe will be the responsibility of the homeowners. Staff recommends approval of the plat.

Plat 4

Front Street Plat 4 is a replatting of Front Street Plat 1, Maniaci said.

The plat is located along Front Street between Lafayette and Jefferson streets. This is the first site that was constructed.

When this plat was first approved, the parking area to the rear was shown as a cross access easement along all nine lots. The revised plat proposes creating one common ground lot to the rear of all nine lots to be shared and maintained by the homeowners’ association.

All the required parking and cross access easements will still exist and the 26-foot fire lane will remain, Maniaici stated.

City staff recommends that the plat be approved.