There were 111 building permits issued in October with a total estimated construction cost of $1,404,908.36.

Many of the permits, 35, issued last month were occupancy permits for single-family homes.

Listed below is a breakdown of the types of projects, number of permits issued and estimated construction costs for those projects:

Accessory building, one, $300;

Boundary adjustment, one;

Commercial addition, two, $38,000;

Commercial alteration, six, $565,500;

Commercial building, one, $91,000;

Deck, two, $100,350;

Electrical service, six, $31,565;

Electrical service, temporary, two, $75,000;

Fire sprinkler system, one, $8,280;

Floodplain development, two;

Garage, one, $50,000;

Grading, one, $10,000;

Commercial occupancy, four;

Multifamily occupancy, 19;

Single-family occupancy, 35;

Two-family occupancy, eight;

Residential addition, one, $5,000;

Residential alteration, four, $68,000;

Single-family building, one, $180,000;

Single-family attached, one, $100,000;

Sign, three, $4,450;

Street excavation, three, $8,463.36;

Swimming pool, two; $91,250;

Sewer lateral/repair, three, $42,250; and

Addition, one, $3,000.