An agreement between the city of Washington and its IT provider will supply Wi-Fi access to Downtown Washington and several city parks.

The city council Monday approved the agreement with WashPÇ that will allow the company to install equipment on city water towers or other facilities to provide the service.

Under the five-year agreement the city will purchase equipment, including antennas, which will be installed and maintained by WashPC.

Internet services will also be available at the city’s public works building, Washington Regional Airport and fire department buildings.

According to Greg Johnston with WashPC, the cost of the equipment will vary but the most common piece of equipment will be $300-$400.

“We are planning to bring public Wi-Fi to the riverfront area as our first major deployment and we hope for this to be completed in the next 60 days, as long as the weather plays nice,” he said.

The city is under contract with Charter/Spectrum for internet, including Wi-Fi, service at city hall and the public safety building. After that contract ends in three years, WashPC will provide the services at all city facilities.

“If we see a need at a park it is just a matter of us purchasing the equipment,” said City Administrator Darren Lamb. “We are excited about this.”

Johnston noted WashPC can restrict Wi-Fi at any time, including when parks close at night. That would deter the use of the services after hours.