The Washington Building Department issued two permits for commercial buildings in January, including a proposed restaurant.

A permit for Panda Express was issued for 1112 Washington Square. The estimated construction cost is over $1.2 million. The restaurant would be located south of McDonald’s.

According to the building department, the building permit has been issued, but is being held until their subdivision permit application is turned in and approved.

The second commercial building permit was for additional storage units at a business located at 100 W. Third St.

There were two permits for single-family homes with an estimated construction cost of $197,000.

Listed below is a breakdown of the types of projects, number of permits issued and estimated construction costs for those projects:

Accessory building, one, $30,000;

Antenna, one, $18,000;

Commercial addition, one, $1,000;

Commercial alteration, six, $577,708;

Electrical service, five, $341,075;

Electric service temporary, one, $500;

Garage, one, $50,000;

Historic design review, two;

Commercial occupancy, two;

Multifamily occupancy, 23;

Single-family occupancy, 38;

Two-family occupancy, four;

Preliminary plat, one;

Residential alteration, two, $203,000;

Sign, four, $15,100;

Special use, one;

Street excavation, two, $3,406;

Sewer lateral/repair, three; $5,000;

Retaining wall, one, $6,500.