The Franklin County plan board is backing a rezoning request for a plumbing business near Pacific.

Thome Plumbing Inc. requested a rezoning in order to operate its business in the county. The proposed site is 1559 Highway 100 and currently zoned suburban development.

Charlie St. Onge, representing Thome Plumbing, said the company would like the zoning changed to community development.

St. Onge said the property would be used as a home office and warehouse for the small plumbing business. He said the applicant, Matt Thome, currently operates in Ellisville, but lives just three minutes away from the new site.

The site would be used to store the five work trucks and other materials. Thome’s wife also would use the space to help run the business.

There is already a business on the site and a large shed. Thome said he planned on using the existing building and shed.

The business is a prior existing nonconforming use, Planning Director Scottie Eagan said.

Thome was seeking to buy the property, but only if he can get the rezoning. Eagan said the rezoning would allow him to apply to be an independent contractor, which is allowed in the community development district.

The play board unanimously backed the rezone. After the vote, the board members were chided by County Counselor Mark Vincent.

For several months now, Vincent has implored the board to stop taking a narrow focus with rezonings. He said the board focuses too much on what the applicant says they are going to do, and often ignores other possible uses.

In this case, the board focused most of its questions around the plumbing business and the existing sign business and not on other accepted uses in the community development district.

The plan board’s vote of support will be passed along to the county commission. The commission will hold a public hearing on the issue and then decide if it wants to formally approve the change.