The Blu Room Wellness Center in Washington will soon be moving to Front Street in Downtown Washington.

“We want to be on the river,” said Sara Biermann, owner. “The river encompasses what we do here. It’s more our style.”

The wellness center has four practices within its current location at 1807 Heritage Hills Drive.

Sometime this fall, the center will move to 6 E. Front Street Suite 100.

Biermann said the move was prompted by her lease renewal. She said the four practices knew they wanted to stay together.

Wellness Coordinator and Reiki Master Michelle Baker and Zoe Florence, massage therapist, both will be operating at the new location.   

The other business currently located at the center, Present Moments Yoga, will move to 8 E. Front St., Suite 103. The yoga studio is run by Melissa Duchatschek.

“It’ll be nice for the community to see all that we have to offer,” said Biermann.

Since the Washington Blu Room is the only one in the Midwest, Biermann said they have many clients who visit from out of town.

With the new location, the studio will now be accessible to the Amtrak station, B&Bs and local restaurants.

“It’s an opportunity for people to transform and grow,” said Biermann. “That sets us apart from many health centers.” 

Blu Room

A session in the Blu Room is 20 minutes. Guests step into an octagon-shaped room and lie on a table similar to a massage table.

The room is mirrored with stainless steel and UV blue lights on the walls and ceilings. During the session, soft music plays to provide sound therapy.

The sound therapy activates the theta brain wave, which Biermann said promotes deep rest and provides insight. The light therapy promotes vitamin D production in the body.

“The power of their mind is activated each time they’re in the Blu Room,” she said.

While Biermann has seen clients who have stage four cancer or high anxiety, many healthy clients use the therapy as a preventive measure.

Additionally, Biermann said there is no age limit; infants and the elderly are welcome at the Blu Room.

“We don’t fix or heal people here,” she said. “We provide a choice for people to be who they are. We don’t expect certain results.” 

The Blu Room has some new offerings in the works, Biermann said, noting people can expect more services. 

Massage Therapy, Reiki

Florence offers all types of massage therapy at the wellness center. She said she has something for everyone, including Myofascial Release (MFR).

MFR is the gentle, sustained contact with connective tissue to release patterns of imbalance.

“It’s a way to release long-term injuries or things that may have been caused by trauma or imbalances over time,” she said. “MFR allows a safe place to let go of those protective patterns.”

Florence noted she’s passionate about helping people get through their pain, and back to the comfort and balance of a joyful life.

At the wellness center, Baker teaches Reiki, an energy modality helping balance the emotional, physical and mental body.

“The practice is there to help provide space or presence for the client,” she said. 

Baker said Reiki can be practiced hands-on or hands-off.  

She also is one of the yoga instructors at Present Moment Yoga. 

Present Moment

Duchatschek said she’s thrilled about the move.

“I’ve always loved the area we’re moving to,” she said. “I wanted to be near the riverfront park.”

The studio will continue to offer a variety of yoga classes from basic to power, including prenatal, restorative, half-hour lunch and slow-flow (Michelle).

On select weekends, a guest teacher will present a class. The studio also will offer one free community class a month.

At the new studio, Du-chatschek will be able to offer a trapeze yoga class, otherwise known as suspension yoga.

The new studio will have beams in the ceiling that fabric slings with handles will hang from.

Duchatschek said the class helps decompress the spine while building back strength. The class will be sequenced like a normal mat yoga class with seated and standing postures as well. 

The inversion will help build flexibility, which Du-chatschek said will make normal postures easier.

There are a few places that offer this in St. Louis, but this will be the first in Washington.

The inversion is not suitable for those who have a serious disc or spinal issue, high blood pressure or are pregnant.

The new studio will be similar in size to the current one. Duchatschek noted that she likes to keep her classes small to give students more attention.

“I like the intimate feeling of a smaller studio,” she said.