Despite disappointing census numbers in 2016, the Franklin County Building Department issued 42 more single-family dwelling permits than it did in 2015, with 176 single-family dwelling permits being issued in unincorporated Franklin County.

In 2015, 134 permits for single-family dwellings were issued compared to 122 in 2014.

Ninety-one single-family dwellings permits were issued in 2013, 87 in 2012, 101 in 2012 and, 94 in 2010.

Construction valuation for Single-Family Dwellings in 2016 totaled $39,719,100.

The estimated value for homes built in 2015 amounted to $30,395,910.

Twenty-seven homes possessed valuations between $300,000 and $500,000.

Five homes had valuations of more than $500,000, and 11 homes had construction costs below $100,000.

Average construction cost overall came to $225,677 and 1,945 square feet was the overall average house size.

Three duplexes also were issued construction permits.

Average construction cost for those units came to $378,333 and the average size came to 3,350 square feet.

Two are being constructed in the Villa Ridge area and the third one is under construction near Washington.

Commercial Projects

A total of 42 permits were issued for commercial projects in 2016, which was down by one from 2015.

While there was one fewer commercial permit issued, construction valuation increased by $797,000.

Total valuation for 2016 was $4,830,500 and for 2015, it was $4,033,500.

Ten commercial permits issued were for cell tower additions.

Six permits were issued for various modifications with construction valuations totaling $154,00.

Pacific Fire Protection District obtained a permit for a training tower with a valuation of $450,000.

Spring Bluff School was issued a permit to construct a bus pickup canopy valued at $30,000.

Three churches obtained permits for additions and modifications with a combined valuation total of $526,000.

A permit was issued for an office addition to a warehouse near Sullivan valued at $60,000.

Six self storage unit building permits were issued, all in the Catawissa, area totaling $524,000 in construction valuations.

Two warehouse additions were applied for with their valuations totaling $315,000.

Other significant commercial projects included seven permits issued to Purina Farms for the following projects: a deck valued at $120,000; an exhibit building valued at $85,000; a horse barn valued at $120,000; an aquatics building valued at $5,000; a greenhouse valued at $10,000; a ruminant building valued at $275,000 and a veterinarian building valued at $380,000.


There were 98 residential addition and/or modification permits issued in 2016, up by eight over 2015.

The total project valuation was $4,619,810, which was an increase of $1,964,135 from 2015.

Other Structures

There were 81 building permits issued for out buildings and storage buildings.

In 2015, this number was 84. These structures had a total estimated value of $2,548,570.00.

Six more garages and carports were constructed as compared to 2015.

The total permits issued were 49, with a total valuation of $2,072,652.00. This valuation had also increased substantially from 2015 by $765,380.00.

Permits for manufactured homes decreased dramatically from the previous year by almost half.

In 2015, the number of manufactured home permits issued was 43. In 2016, the department issued barely above half that amount, with a total of 23 permits issued.

Sewer Permits slightly decreased to 78 permits issued. For the previous year, 85 sewer permits were granted.

The building department observed a slight increase in electrical permits. 208 permits were issued whereas 196 were issued in 2015.