Riding ‘Ram Mountain’

Blake Hutchcraft, general manager at Washington’s Barreth Chrysler Center, heads down “Ram Mountain” to show some of the truck’s features. An off-road track was constructed at the facility at the end of September.   Missourian Photo.

Washington’s Barreth Chrysler Center is now home to the only certified off-road track located on dealership grounds in the state of Missouri, according to Blake Hutchcraft, general manager.

The track, built from more than 700 pounds of natural rock and crushed concrete, was built at the end of September for a Ram expo, but now is a permanent fixture to show customers what the Dodge Ram and Jeeps are capable of.

“It’s a wow factor,” Hutchcraft said of the course. “We go that extra mile to show people that the trucks are ‘Ram tough.’ It’s not just a slogan. It’s a fact.”

Customers can experience “Ram Mountain,” a 14-foot-tall, 35-degree mountain the truck climbs over. The mountain shows off the hill start assist and hill descent control.

The track also features an articulation course for people to see, or experience, the vehicle’s suspension, turn radius, frame structure and center of gravity  — even while two wheels dangle from the ground.

“Our trucks come with certain aspects that are really hard to show someone on a street. It’s almost impossible to show the features on a regular test drive,” Hutchcraft said.

“We’re all about the real-life person and what their everyday needs are,” he said, adding that there’s something for everyone.

More than 200 test drives have taken place on the course since it was built.

Hutchcraft noted that for insurance reasons, customers cannot drive on the course, but are more than welcome to sit back and enjoy a ride.