Antique, Vintage Shop Opens

Beaufort resident Traci Shell recently opened Vintage Farmhouse, an antique and vintage shop, at 427 Jane Ave., Union. Shell offers antiques, vintage finds, industrial pieces, primitives, and a mix of home decor. Missourian Photo.

After spending several years as a “picker” for antique stores in St. Louis, as well as participating in the gypsy caravan and other antique shows, Beaufort resident Tracie Shell decided it was time to open her own shop.

With that, she opened Vintage Farmhouse, located at 427 Jane Ave., Union.

“I would be the one who went out and bought everything for the stores, painted it and got it ready,” she said.

The stores would buy pieces from Shell and resell them.

Shell offers a mix of shabby chic furniture — or furniture distressed in various ways, antiques, vintage finds, industrial pieces, primitives and home decor.

Shell has five vendors, in addition to her own items, to help offer a variety of products like mirrors, dressers, candles, van Gogh chalk paint, hunting and fishing decor and jewelry.

“My goal was to try to create a place where anybody who walked through the door could find something they wanted,” Shell said. “I want everyone to come in and have fun in here.”

Shell said she is drawn to the worn look of antique and vintage items.

“When you buy something brand new, it’s almost like it’s too crisp,” she said. “I like crackle and parts missing. I love to open old accounting books and see how things were sold, how much they were and the writing.”

Shell can’t resist redecorating and said she will rotate merchandise weekly, as well as add new items.

“If you find something in one spot one week, you probably won’t find it in the same spot the next week,” she said.

Shell said she is looking forward to meeting people and helping them find items they’re looking for, as well as having fun with her business.

“Before I did this out of my garage,” she said. “There was no decoration, no displays, now I can just have fun with it.”

The shop is open Thursdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through the summer. Hours will be adjusted during the winter months.

The shop can be found on facebook by searching The Vintage Farmhouse.