A new committee has been formed by the city to focus on economic development strategic planning and marketing.

It has been formed by the office of the city’s economic development director, Darren Lamb, in cooperation with Washington industrial groups — the Civic Industrial Corporation and 353 Redevelopment Corporation.

The group held its first meeting last week at city hall. Lamb explained the purpose of the committee, and presented a review of past planning efforts and marketing goals. The purpose is to determine if the city should focus on trying to attract a certain segment of industries, such as other cities are doing. It was emphasized that the city would remain flexible in its efforts for job-creating companies.

Michael Chell, Ameren Missouri, who is a member of the committee, reported on the Workforce Assessment Survey financed by his company and the county. The survey was conducted by a private company, Growth Service Management. This type of survey is conducted periodically for Franklin County.

Lamb explained the status of the Work Ready Community Initiative and the Certified Industrial Sites the city has. These are programs to inform prospects of the status of the city’s preparation to meet requirements of industries as to work force availability, and sites ready for development.

The committee will meet again in July and on a somewhat irregular basis.

Members of the committee include:

Arnie Sallaberry, Dr. Lori VanLeer, Helen Folkmann, Jennifer Parmentier, Jody Maune, John Politte, Dr. Jon Bauer, Judy Straatmann, Mayor Sandy Lucy, Don Brandt, Luke Meyer, Mark Holdinghausen, Matt Posinski, Pat Holdmeyer, Pete Tobben, Randy Folkmann, Ron Unnerstall, Scott Breckenkamp, Tim Unnerstall, Tony Kreutz, Wally Hellebusch, Mike Chell and Bill Miller, Sr.