Offers Mix of Old and New

A mix of old and new, including antiques, vintage, home decor, primitives, folk art and other eclectic items fill 4,000 square feet that is Tanglewood Cottage, which opened in Union Friday, Feb. 15.

The shop is located at 802 Highway 50, next to O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Walking in, patrons feel a sense of “home” which is what owners Mike Wallace and Diane Benitz were aiming for.

The shop features sections with a general store, white room, lodge, garden room and others, each decorated with a range of items that would be found at those locations.

“I feel at home here,” Benitz said. “It makes me feel happy to bring something to people that they haven’t seen.”

Wallace and Benitz both have a history in antiques and were consignors at other antique shops, which is how they met. Each liked the other’s items and how they were displayed which led to them starting a business together. Wallace also has owned stores in the past.

Wallace’s background is in merchandising and display for wholesale companies and retail chains. Both have floral design experience.

“It’s all about the details,” Wallace said. “I like when people come in and say, ‘Oh my God, I could live here,’ ” he said.

Wallace builds custom pieces from found architectural salvage, rustic items and wood. Items are placed throughout the store or can be custom made.

“We love anything that’s been something once and we think we can turn into something else,” he said.

Both said they’re excited to grow their business in the Union community, as well as to work with other local businesses.

“We want to build around other people in the community,” Wallace said. “We would like to be partnered with other businesses in the area, as well as dealers.”

Benitz and Wallace buy items from other states, which helps keep variety in the store. This month, Wallace will travel to Round Top, Texas, one of the largest antique buying fairs in the country. Trips to Atlanta, Ga., and Houston, Texas, also are planned.

“We’re trying to bring things a little uncommon to the area,” Benitz said.

The team travels outside of the area every month, mostly to the Southeast and goes west twice per year.

“We’re trying to show people how they can use these objects in their home that maybe they haven’t thought of before,” said Wallace, pointing to a crystal chandelier with mauve candles hanging inside of a bird cage.

“I think we just show things in a different light and put things together differently than some of the stores and malls around here do,” he said.

In the future, Benitz plans to offer design services.

“I really like what I do,” Benitz said. “This is my passion.”

Tanglewood Cottage is open Thursdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Hours may be adjusted in the future.

The business can be reached at 636-744-1616, on Facebook by searching Tanglewood Cottage or at