The East Central College Board of Trustees unanimously approved Monday a bid for $75,800 for two robots to be used in the industrial arts program.

Innovative Education Systems will provide one machine tending operation and one welding robot that will be funded through the fiscal year 2014 MO Manufacturing WINS grant.

The IET program is adding the two robots to expand the scope of capacity of its robotics program, Grants Specialist Dana Riegel said.

Students will use the machine tending robot to connect multiple pieces of manufacturing equipment together in an integrated manufacturing cell by using a robot in a machine tending operation to load a pallet feeding a CNC mill and to unload a CNC lathe.

The second robot will be used to teach students the unique requirements of using a robot to perform welding tasks.

Innovative Educations Systems submitted the only bid. It includes $70,000 for the equipment, $3,000 for the software and communication interface, $2,000 for training and $800 for shipping.

The college will be reimbursed 100 percent through the Mo WINS grant.