Local artist Jim Peters created four historic portraits of Washington to produce covers for the restaurant's menus.

"We wanted to do something more personalized with Washington," owner Jason Witte said. "We also knew Jim had done a lot of paintings around town."

The watercolor illustrations include the outside of Rothschild's, the Route 47 Missouri River bridge, the city park and Lions Lake.

Peters said he began working on the project in the winter.

"The funny story about Lions Lake is that the new bridge hadn't been installed yet when I was working on the painting," he noted. "So, I had to go out to the city shed and look at it to include it in the photo."

His city park painting is titled, "Winter in the Park," and features a snowy park scene that depicts the area along Lakeview Drive in the park.

"I went around town and tried to find different scenes, which was quite a challenge," Peters said. "I knew Lions Lake is always a good spot and the Missouri River bridge."

The artist estimated he spent about 12 hours on each painting.

"We were able to scan them onto a disk and make copies for the menus," he said.

Julie Witte, restaurant owner, said although the menu covers have changed, Rothschild's Family Restaurant still offer its same food items and prices.

"The menus show that we're the longest single-family-owned restaurant," she said.

Julie Witte's grandparents, Charles and Marge Rothschild opened Rothschild's in 1963, the same year Peters and his wife Betty were married.

Jason Witte said the restaurant has received a lot of positive feedback relating to the menus.

"People always want to see all four of them, so you have to bring all four menus to each person," Witte said, laughing.

Rothschild's is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days per week.