The Washington Police Department requested approval to purchase three new Chevy Impalas to rotate into the department’s fleet.

Police Chief Ken Hahn addressed the city council during its administration/operations committee meeting Monday night.

The cars will be purchased from Don Brown Chevrolet, St. Louis. The dealership won the state bid for police vehicles.

The department originally planned to ask for a combination of Chevy Tahoe SUVs and an Impala to stay under budget, however, the vehicle budget was less than expected.

Hahn said the original budgeted amount for vehicles was $130,000 but was reduced to $106,000.

“This is the last year we will be able to get Impala police vehicles,” Hahn said, noting that next year he would like to get the SUVs, which would provide extra capacity for equipment, as well as four wheel-drive for traction in inclement weather.

Old vehicles will be sold on the surplus property website.

Selling the vehicles has brought in more money than the traditional route of trading them in, Hahn said in a letter to the council.

Marked cars have a price of $27,210. Unmarked cars are $24,476. Prices include basic police equipment and installation and painting on the marked cars.

The cars also will be equipped with in-car cameras and radar guns. Cameras are $4,995 each and the radar guns run $2,085. Decals for the marked cars are $700 total and equipment installation is $400.

The department has a maintenance contract with Radio Comm for installation/removal of equipment, but has to pay a discounted price for parts.

The total cost of three cars equipped and outfitted is $94,156.

The request was forwarded to the full council without discussion.