Custom-made Still

To meet steadily growing demand, Pinckney Bend Distillery in New Haven has just completed installation of a new, custom-made 60-gallon hybrid pot still.

Purchased from Artisan Still Designs in Ontario, Canada, this new piece of equipment will make it possible to improve efficiency and increase production.

Equally important, it expands the kinds of products that the distillery is able to make.

“The added versatility and the level of precision control offered by this new still is amazing,” said Head Distiller Tom Anderson.

Anderson said the still can be operated as a traditionally pot still, or by opening and closing a few valves, it also can perform as a modern column still.

“Distillation is not rocket science, but it is definitely physics,” Anderson explained. “Whiskey and brandy, for example, have different distillation requirements than vodka and gin. With this new still we have the versatility to do whatever a particular product or flavor profile requires.”

Pinckney Bend Distillery began operation in November of 2011 with an award-winning gin, which was followed six months later by a vodka product.

The company has just added an unaged American Corn Whiskey to its product line, which is now becoming available in area stores and restaurants.

The distillery plans to open a tasting room in New Haven in June of 2013.