A new business organization has formed in the Washington area.

National Business Builders (NBB) meets the first and third Tuesday of every month, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at The Creek Grill and Sports Bar.

The group is not affiliated with any other organization.

The meetings are free to guests. Those interested in learning about the group are allowed to attend two meetings before being asked to make a commitment to join, said Jeff Mohesky, owner of the Paper Chase/Signs 360 in Washington and one of the group’s founders.

Currently the group has about 30 members and is growing quickly, he said. Members are from Washington and the surrounding area.

Mohesky said the focus of NBB is to help business owners in and around the Washington area grow their business through education, one-on-one consulting and networking.

Although networking is not a new concept, networking and practical business training is something all business owners need, he said.

The idea for NBB came from a breakfast meeting with some clients, Mohesky said.

“We were sharing common ideas and issues when the person I was talking with shared that he wished we had some place to go to find the answers to these issues we were discussing,” he said. “Because of that particular conversation, NBB was born. We want to help businesses tackle some of the biggest issues facing small businesses today.”

Most of the covered topics are chosen by the members, he said.

Topics have and will include business debt, SBA loans, business fraud and crime prevention, growing your business in today’s economy, IRS regulations and business expenses, local economic development, social media, business law and marketing.

“What makes National Business Builders so interesting is that it is designed by business people for business people,” Mohesky said. “No two meetings are ever the same. Sometimes we even start on one topic and finish on another. Some of our members are experts in these business topics because of the nature of their business and can enlighten the rest of us on these topics; yet at other times, we need to look elsewhere for someone who is experienced in a certain topic.”

Since its conception in July, Mohesky said membership has grown and every week people call to find out more information on the group.

“Although education to business owners is a very large part of our service to our members, our group also gives businesses the valuable opportunity to network and gain business through referrals,” he said. “It enables them to develop long-term business relationships with other professionals within our community.”

Mohesky said the group’s formation is based on the concept of “six degrees of separation” — the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world.

“A chain of ‘a friend of a friend’ statement can be made to connect any two people in six steps or fewer,” he said, “which sure beats cold calling.”

Business owners who would like more information, can call Jeff Mohesky, National Business Owners, at 636-432-9185.