People with the gift of gab could use their talking talent to line their pocketbooks.

David Bourgeois, president of Creative Voice Development Group LLC, located in Albany, N.Y., is hosting a seminar Wednesday, Nov. 6, at East Central College in Union that will give people a realistic and entertaining introduction to the world of voice overs.

Bourgeois said the demand for voice overs is growing at a rapid rate with new technology and software being developed

“Most people think of commercials when they think voice overs,” he said. “But in reality, less than 10 percent of voice-over jobs are in commercials.”

Bourgeois said voice overs are used in audio books, video games, computer software, training and educational material, television and telephone systems.

“The good thing is that when changes to a product are made, they need the same actor to come back to record another voice over,” he said.

Warren Garling, Creative Voice director of marketing, is the voice of Papa John’s Pizza.

The Course

People taking the course will learn the basics of getting started, working in the studio, effective demo production methods and industry pros and cons.

Attendees also will learn how to look for opportunities and will even record a mock commercial.

Bourgeois said years ago, voice-over actors were mainly males with smooth, deep Midwestern type voices. Today, a huge portion of the actors are men and women in their 50s.

“We’ve moved away from the announcer voice,” he said. “Now we are looking for a convincing voice and a broader range of voices.”

Bourgeois said older people become voice-over actors because it can be a great way to supplement retirement. Some successful actors can earn as much as $50,000 to $80,000 per year and do much of the work from home.

“It’s a career they get around to doing,” he said. “It’s really a dynamic field for older people.”

The voice-over acting field is a career that is “relationship driven,” Bourgeois said.

“There are some people who do 100 in a year, and some who have done zero,” he said. “The most successful people are those who build a network of relationships. They are upbeat and positive people.”

The class is limited to 25 people and one-week advanced registration is required. For more information, or to register, people may call 636-239-0598.

The class fee is $35.