Two Weeks Left in Fund Drive

The Franklin County Area United Way drive is about halfway to its $1,000,060 goal with just two weeks remaining in the campaign.

“I’m cautiously optimistic about where we are right now,” said Stephen Trentmann, campaign co-chair.

“We are having little victories in many of our rallies. However, there are many of the smaller individual donations that have not come in yet,” he said.

“Any amount is still needed and we are hoping that people are still keeping us in mind before the end of the month.”

Funds raised will benefit 48 area agencies and programs in the area. This past year, more than 70,000 people in 35 neighboring communities were touched by these services.

The countdown is on, says Kim Strubberg, United Way executive director.

“I think we’re all feeling the pressure, but everything has been very positive so far and the community is always very generous,” she said.

Strubberg said only about 10 of the Top 30 corporate contributors have completed their in-house drives so she expects pledges and gifts to tick up as donor reports come in the next two weeks and even beyond.

Some companies will not hold their drives until the very end of October, she said. To accommodate those late drives, overall campaign results will be announced in mid-November.

David Strubberg, campaign co-chair, said he feels confident the goal can be met, but noted it will take both corporate donors and individual contributors to “take us to the finish line.”

Special events for the campaign have gone very well, according to Kim Strubberg.

“Our United Way golf tournament last Friday was amazing,” she said. “Our gross is up about $7,000 so I expect our profit to be up as well. We are still waiting for all expenses to get in, but it looks very good.”

A Power of the Purse event held last week in Union also was well attended, said Strubberg.

Mail-in donations for the door-to-drive also continue to come in, she said.

The community canvass brought in $6,700 and thousands of dollars more are expected from residents who were not at home to give that day.

“As of today, we have about $9,348 from the door-to-door drive,” she said.

More special events are scheduled, including Soup Day next Tuesday, sponsored by Downtown Washington Inc., with all proceeds going to the United Way.

Coin collections also will take place at key intersections Oct. 25-26 and Building Better Communities Days, where schools and businesses raise money by allowing students or employees to dress down or wear funny hats, are held throughout the month of October.

United Way board members and staff also will sell hot dogs at Pumpkin Palooza Saturday, Oct. 26, in Downtown Washington.

Strubberg said staff and board members are busy attending corporate rallies, the lifeblood of the campaign.

“We’re doing everything we can and will continue to do so until the very end,” she added. “We’re very positive and optimistic.”

Anyone with questions about the campaign or who simply want to learn more about the United Way should call the office at 636-239-1018 or visit

The United Way is celebrating 60 years of building better communities this year, which is why the goal was set at $1,000,060.