The Optima Dental Group Easter egg hunt kicks off Wednesday, March 27, and will feature prizes of free food and merchandise from local businesses.

The grand prize will be $100 that will be given away Saturday.

From Wednesday through Friday, there will be two clues posted each morning on the Optima Dental Group facebook page. People who want to play can visit and like the page.

The clues will be riddles, and some will lead participants directly to the donating business. Others will take them to other spots around town.

The first person to reach each destination will win the prize. Inside each egg, are instructions to go to the Facebook page, identify themselves and say where they found the egg.

In order to win the grand prize, participant must take part in a scavenger hunt Saturday, March 30. Instead of solving one clue, they’ll have to solve three. The first clue will be posted on facebook Saturday morning. Someone at that first location will have envelopes to hand out with Clue No. 2 in them At the second location, participants will get another envelope with a clue to the final location and the egg with the grand prize.

There can be only one winner per family per promotion.