Yolf King

Dr. Peter Gubany poses with the Yolf game he invented.

With a gleam in his eye, Washington optometrist Dr. Peter Gubany talks about banking shots off of swing sets in the game of Yolf.

Gubany invented the game in the early 1990s, but now has come out with a new-and-improved version that he thinks will make it big around the world.

He has patents for the form of golf that can be played in the yard, indoors or on the beach.

“There’s really no limit,” said Gubany, adding that the game has already been played across the planet.

In Yolf, everything takes on the first letter “y,” so instead of par it is “yar” and instead of put it is “yut.”

The redesigned version of the game has better clubs and balls, but the holes have stayed the same.

In Yolf, people can set up unique courses at their homes, such as by mowing fairways. That way, a neighbor’s house can be its own Yolf experience.

The game also can be taken to public parks where the ball can be hit 100 yards, he said.

Yolf is great because it can be played by children, adults and seniors, he said.

“That’s the draw to the game,” Gubany said. “It brings everyone together in a positive way.”

Yolf also can be a good substitute for golf when people are unable to play the real sport, he said. Golf is addictive and to no longer be able to play can be painful, he said.

While he is in the initial stages of marketing the game, Gubany thinks it will catch on in a big way.

He came up with the idea for the game when he and his friends were looking for yard activities other than croquet and volleyball.

Then he thought it would be fun to play golf in his backyard.