One local family will travel to New York City on Memorial Day weekend courtesy of JCPenney’s “Little Button Campaign.”

At home babysitting, Karen Knight of Washington heard about the Black Friday button promotion on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” She decided to go to the Washington JCPenney store to grab a button or two and try her luck.

Knight, who doesn’t typically shop on Black Friday, only went to JCPenney that afternoon. She asked for, and was given two buttons. Coincidentally, both were winners.

Knight received an email notifying her that she had won an all-expenses paid trip — one of 100 given away Black Friday. She also won $10 off any purchase at JCPenney.

“I thought it was a hoax,” Knight said of winning the trip. Unsure if she really won, she waited to tell anyone until she had the details.

“I’m excited. I can’t believe I won out of everyone in the United States,” said Knight. More than 80 million buttons were expected to be given out through the holiday season.

There were more than 20 million prizes to win, according the to JCPenney website.

JCPenney Store leader Carolyn Breshnahan shared Knight’s excitement. Bresnahan said it’s the first time in her nine years with the Washington store that someone has won a national promotion.

I’m so excited I can’t really stand it,” she said. “Just to think someone won with our button; it’s kind of like the lottery in a way.”

The vacation package includes airfare for four, transportation from the airport to the hotel, two hotel rooms and $1,000 in spending cash. The value is about $8,000.

On the trip, Knight said she plans to see a Broadway play, visit her husband’s cousin in Manhattan, visit the Empire State Building and other tourist attractions, including seeing Jimmy Fallon.

Knight plans to bring her husband Andy and two of her children on the all-expense paid trip.

How It Works

The nationwide campaign featured collectible buttons with Christmas and holiday messages as well as characters like Santa Claus, Rudolph and others.

On the back of the free button was a seven-digit code that customers could enter online, at Two codes can be entered per day.

Prizes include gift certificates, coupons, jewelry, clothes, household items and other items. Through Christmas Eve, one trip per day is being given away.

Winners could choose between Washington, D.C., Yellowstone, New York or Chicago.

Those who still want to participate in the campaign can obtain a button by visiting JCPenney through Christmas Eve.