A total of 116 permits were issued by Washington’s building department during the month of October, according to a city report.

The number of permits issued and valuation are down compared to September.

Listed below is a breakdown of the types of projects, number of permits issued and estimated cost for those projects.

Industrial addition, one permit, $40,000;

Commercial alteration, one permit, $20,000;

Residential alteration, six permits, $56,800;

Single-family building, two permits, $40,000;

Deck, three permits, $36,500;

Demolition, one permit, $7,600;

Electrical service, two permits, $4,900;

Fire sprinkler system, one permit, $4239;

Commercial certificate of occupancy, nine permits;

Multifamily occupancy, 31 permits;

Single-family certificate of occupancy, 42 permits;

Sign, two permits, $3,200;

Street excavation, one permit, $18,750; and

Sewer lateral/repair, three permits, $4,450.

There were a total of 116 permits issued totaling $736,339 in valuation.

In September, there were a total of 125 permits issued totaling $2,918,944 in valuation, including three permits for residential addition, 11 permits for commercial alteration and three permits for industrial alteration. There were five permits for residential alteration, one permit for a municipal building, and one permit each for blasting, building a deck, swimming pool, sewer repair, demolition and garage.

There were five electrical service permits, seven commercial certificate of occupancy, 20 multifamily certificate of occupancy permits, 45 single-family certificate of occupancy permits and 10 two-family certificate of occupancy permits.