The Pot Shop, Washington, is moving to Hillermann Nursery & Florist. The new location will provide space for classes, open studio time and a place to sell pottery. From left are Noreen Baker and Carol Nestor, partners of the Pot Shop; Sandi Hillermann-McDonald, Gail and Scott Hillermann, all with Hillermann’s. Missourian Photo.

The ladies of the Pot Shop, Washington, busily worked to organize their new space inside Hillermann Nursery & Florist earlier this week.

Slowly but surely, everything will move from Pot Shop’s location on Fifth Street, where it’s been for about four years, to its new location inside Hillermann’s. The target opening date is Monday, March 4.

Planning for the collaboration has been in the works for about a year, said Sandi Hillermann McDonald, president of Hillermann’s.

Noreen Baker and Carol Nestor, Pot Shop partners, said the primary reason for the move was the need for more space.

Hillermann said she heard through the grapevine that Baker was looking for a bigger location where she would be able to offer classes to the community in addition to the one-on-one classes she already offered.

“Since the time I opened, everyone came in and they loved the pottery, but they wanted to do it,” Baker said. “It’s something I think people want to get their hands on and do.”

There are many ways to create pottery, including by hand, sculpting and using the pottery wheel.

In the future, Baker said she hopes to start glass fusing.

At the Pot Shop’s Fifth Street location, there was only one wheel, which made it difficult for demonstrations, Nestor said. At Hillermann’s, there will be six wheels and ample space for small groups. There also are two electric kilns, one Raku kiln and one barrel firing kiln for firing pottery.


With the space, Baker plans to have mud throwing classes for adults, age 15 and older. The classes will be six weeks in length and beginners and advanced students are welcome. Hand building and wheel throwing 101 classes will begin in March or April.

A “Dirty Hands” kids drop-in class will be offered for children to work alongside adults with clay and glaze. No registration is required. Classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 3 p.m. for children ages four and older.

A “Dirty Hands” membership will be offered to students who have taken beginners in mud class or who have approved ceramic experience. Members will have unlimited access to open studio hours, use of studio tools and equipment and other perks.

Private “Pot Parties” also will be available for small groups.

Even those not interested in making their own pottery will be able to watch as others create pottery.

Perfect Fit

Hillermann said the Pot Shop is a good fit for Hillermann Nursery.

“Working with your hands, getting dirty —to me, it’s a one-on-one with gardening,” Hillermann said. “It’s getting people back to nature, which is so important for expression and mental and physical health.”

Functional and ornamental pottery will continue to be offered for sale at the new site. Baker also is working on developing urns for humans and pets.

“They are unique in that, once remains are placed inside, there’s a fuel well and it can be lit like a candle,” she said. “It’s something people can enjoy.”

The Pot Shop will be open the same hours of Hillermann Nursery, although special evening parties may be scheduled. The nursery is open Mondays through Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Hillermann said she’s excited about the new business coming onboard.

“What a perfect fit to be able to offer to the community,” she said.

Baker and Nestor agreed.

“This is the first place I know of where you can go and practice the arts,” Baker said. “This is an art everyone can do.”

For class information, including cost, or other information, people may call the Pot Shop, 636-584-3169.