Welcomes New Agents

Dan Yoest Insurance Agency, Washington, recently acquired Steamboat Insurance. Along with acquiring the client base, the agency now has three new agents. In front, from left, are Jerry Carlyle, new sales agent; Dan Yoest, co-owner; and Darren Carlyle, new customer service agent. In back, from left, are Stacey Briggs, new commercial customer service representative; Katherine Rutsch, personal service agent; Guin Yoest, co-owner; Joyce Mills, office manager; and Diann Smith, personal lines sales agent. Not shown is Bill Stallmann, commercial sales agent.         Missourian Photo.

The new year brought changes to two Washington businesses with Dan Yoest Insurance Agency acquiring Steamboat Insurance Group.

Guin Yoest, who owns Dan Yoest Insuance Agency with her husband, Dan, explained that both companies were looking to focus on their core businesses.

Steamboat will focus on its financial group and Dan Yoest Insurance will focus on insurance.

Yoest noted that Steamboat is “stronger than ever,” and that clients can be assured that the acquisition was an upbeat, positive move for both companies

“This will benefit all parties involved. Steamboat will be able to focus on their core business more completely,” she said. “Our business will benefit from growth and synergies and our clients will benefit because we have picked the very best agents to come with us.”

Agents who transferred to Dan Yoest Insurance inculude Jerry Carlyle, sales agent; Darren Carlyle, customer service agent; and Stacey Briggs, commercial customer service.

The acquisition process began in October and was finalized in December, Yoest said. New agents began in January.

The three new agents join Dan Yoest Insurance employees Bill Stallmann, commercial sales agent; Diann Smith, personal lines sales agent; Katherine Rutsch, personal service agent; and Joyce Mills, office manager.

“Our motto is that service is the heart of our business,” Yoest said. “We expect that to continue.”

Yoest said clients shouldn’t notice any changes, except that the name of their policyholder changed.

“We’re excited about getting an agency that’s already developed. We want to deliver the same degree of service their clients get from them,” she said, adding that both businesses will be able to refer business to each other.

“We are really excited about the opportunity for growth in an economy that has struggled.”

Dan Yoest Insurance Agency is located at 401 Elm St., Washington. Steamboat Financial is located just across the street, at 416 Elm St.

Steamboat is owned by Mitch and Candi Martin.

Yoest encourages clients to stop in and meet the team.