Six Flags

On the heels of an extremely successful 2012 season, Six Flags St. Louis is gearing up for a big year in 2013.

This week, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, the parent company of Six Flags St. Louis, announced record financial results for 2012, reporting $1.1 billion of annual revenue and $383 million of Adjusted EBITDA1 in 2012 — the highest in the company’s history.

“We are looking forward to a great season doing what we do best, offering breathtaking thrills and a great value to our guests,” said Dave Roemer, park president.

“We are excited to be introducing our ninth coaster, Boomerang, in late spring as well as offering the Season Dining Pass again with upgrades to provide more convenience and dining options,” Roemer said. “Six Flags St. Louis is laser-focused on providing guests with amazing experiences that they will remember for a lifetime.”

Boomerang features a combination of thrill elements that make it an experience unlike anything else in the park, Roemer said. The 28 passenger trains are pulled up 125 feet backward to the top of the first lift hill and then released to shoot out through the ride at up to 50 mph.

This wild experience sends guests sailing through a Cobra Roll which includes a half loop, then a right half cork screw, then a left half cork screw and finally another half loop. Just as guests are catching their breath, the train flies through a full loop and climbs a second 125-foot lift hill.

Staying true to its name, Boomerang takes guests full circle to where they began, sweeping through the spirals, loops, twists and turns again — backward.

Boomerang, set to open late spring, joins the park’s lineup of coasters which includes three wooden and five steel coasters.

Six Flags St. Louis will kick off its 42nd season Friday, March 29, and will be open that Friday and Saturday of Easter weekend. The park will be open weekends through May 12 and daily operation begins Saturday, May 18.

Hurricane Harbor water park, which is free with theme park admission, opens for the season Saturday, May 25.

For a limited time, with the purchase of four or more season passes and when the passes are processed by June 2, guests will get one free season parking pass. Season pass holders also receive a coupon book featuring over $300 in special offers and admission to Six Flags theme parks throughout the country.

Six Flags St. Louis also offers a season dining pass which allows guests to pay once and eat two meals on every visit to the park. The meal vouchers are loaded right onto the guest’s season pass each visit and they can choose from a variety of restaurants and meals throughout the park.

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