Washington Planning and Zoning Commission members approved an amendment to the Heidmann Industrial Park development plan following a public hearing Monday night.

The amendment will allow the sale of a 9-acre lot off of Enduro Drive which will be developed as a new site for Hodges Badge facility, according to Bob Zick, attorney for the Washington 353 Redevelopment Corporation.

“It’s been a long time since we sold a lot in Heidmann,” Zick told the commission. The last lot sold was in 2010 and that property was purchased by the city, Zick noted.

“Every time we sell a lot we come back to you,” he said. “Now we’re ready to sell this lot to Hodges Badge. It will be another lot for a development.”

No one spoke in opposition to the plan amendment during the public hearing.

The commission ruled that the property is blighted, under Missouri law, meaning that in its current state it does not generate its full potential in property taxes.

The board’s recommendation now goes to the city council for final approval.

Initially, the lot will be sold to Vossbrink LLC for the price of $292,500.

It is the 17th amendment to the original industrial park development plan approved in 1998.