As temperatures heat up in Missouri, air conditioning is crucial to helping residents stay comfortable.

Ameren Missouri electric customers don’t have to wait until they have a problem with their AC to upgrade their system.

Through the company’s new ActOnEnergy Savers programs, customers are being incentivized to save energy, which helps them better manage their energy usage and lower their utility bills — without sacrificing comfort.

Ameren Missouri’s ActOnEnergy CoolSavers program offers customers up to $720 cash back through combined rebates to help offset the cost of new energy-efficient cooling equipment and other services. Customers also can receive a $75 rebate on tune-ups of existing systems.

More than 300 participating contractors throughout Missouri are partnering with Ameren Missouri to perform the upgrades and turn in the paperwork for the customer. The check will then be sent in the mail.

“A neglected system will end up costing you money on your monthly bills and make your home less comfortable, while an energy-efficient system will help you save money,” said Cara Dolly, managing supervisor, Ameren Missouri Residential Energy Efficiency. “Participating couldn’t be easier, and the sooner homeowners take advantage of CoolSavers, the sooner they start saving.”

Ameren Missouri’s ActOnEnergy ApplianceSavers program pays customers $50 to recycle old working refrigerators and freezers, which can be huge energy hogs. Residents who take advantage of the ApplianceSavers program also get free recycling and pick-up.

“Our ActOnEnergy programs help you afford to keep your home comfortable while also reducing energy usage and costs,” said Dolly. “We can help you save hundreds of dollars per year with discounts, incentives and cash back.”

For more information on everything from small changes, such as 75-cent energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs, to big improvements such as a new AC, visit There Ameren Missouri electric customers can take action and save money through ApplianceSavers, CoolSavers, LightSavers, and other energy-efficiency programs offered by the company.