Crystal Extrusion Systems in Union has adopted a new company logo as part of its 10th anniversary recognition.

The Missouri-based aluminum extrusion and finishing firm began operations in 2003.

Originally launched by its parent company as a means of vertically integrating aluminum extrusion with window manufacturing and assembly, Crystal Extrusion has expanded product sales well beyond window frame and sash profiles into many other areas.

The new corporate logo acknowledges and reinforces Crystal Extrusion’s national presence as a custom extruder and finisher of small diameter tubular aluminum.

“In the past several years, Crystal Extrusion has gone from exclusively supplying our parent company to serving nearly a hundred additional customers in many industries,” said Thomas Ziegler, vice president of Crystal Extrusion Systems.

“Our 10th anniversary was the perfect opportunity to create a separate identity and reinforce our well-earned reputation as a quality extruder and finisher,” he said.

The new logo for Crystal Extrusion Systems, which is featured on the Union facility’s sign, creates a distinct identity from the parent company, visually implies its aluminum extrusion products, and the company initials, he added.

The new logo uses a bold red and black color scheme. The company name is shortened in the new logo to simply Crystal Extrusions. This is a radical departure from the company’s previous logo, which was deeply rooted in the parent company’s design.

The new Crystal Extrusion logo uses graphic elements that not only suggest extrusion lineals rolling forward emerging from the press, but also visually imply the company’s initials C and E.

The company’s 10 years of operation, 2003-2013, and the tag line “A Decade of Building Relationships” also are included in the new logo for use during its 10th anniversary year.

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