Melton Machine

Franklin County Area United Way officials recently honored Melton Machine & Control Company (MMCC), Washington, for its “tremendous contributions” to area communities throughout the last decade.

“It is incredible that a company with fewer than 100 employees can accomplish so much,” said Paula Obermark, United Way executive director.

“From a total contribution of $6,365 in 2002 to $83,254 today, MMCC and its employees experienced a meteoric increase of 1,208 percent,” she said. “Currently, only Ameren Missouri exceeds MMCC in donations.”

Brad Mitchell and Becky Buhr, United Way campaign co-chairs, congratulate the company and its employees for their commitment to provide health and human services that improve the quality of life for everyone.

Obermark said the keys to the company’s success were management support, outstanding campaign chairs, and the pride employees take in the drive that brings about positive change and improves lives.

Randy Folkmann, Melton president and CEO, agreed, saying employees’ kindness, generosity and commitment to bring the very best to their community all play a part.

This desire to bring good things to those we care about — our families, friends, neighbors and coworkers — is reflected in the campaign chairs who plan, organize and implement such successful United Way campaigns each year, Obermark said.

“Their compassion and charity serve as a catalyst that inspires employees to actively participate in the drive,” she said. “In addition, the campaign chairs make the drive fun and something to look forward to that is out of the ordinary.”

Special events that include incentives, prizes, food and fun all play a role in the success of Melton’s drive, Obermark said.

“They can have fun and still make a positive difference in the community,” she said. “All of them take pride in their efforts to care for the elderly and disabled, help our children become good, productive citizens, strengthen families and assist those needing emergency assistance.”

Melton started assigning in-house campaign chairs in 2002 when Gail Nieder served as the company’s first campaign chairperson.

“She took their campaign to a new level that year by implementing incentives, rewards and other creative ideas to bring fun and excitement to their drive,” Obermark said. “Subsequent campaign chairs built on her foundation and MMCC’s campaigns have been enhanced and expanded every year since.”

It has been the ambition of every MMCC campaign chairperson to exceed the previous year’s level of contributions.

“All of them deserve a round of applause for succeeding in that effort and doing a great job,” Obermark said.