A call center in Chesterfield has teamed up with the Washington Career Center to provide jobs for veterans living in the Washington area.

Ryan Hawkins is the owner of Winding River Research, a center that does survey research and political calling. The call center opened in September 2013.

Hawkins said he recently was introduced to the Show Me Heroes program, which asks employers to pledge to hire veterans and will post listings of job openings in conjunction with the Missouri Career Source and Career centers.

He said veterans are an ideal candidate for the call center.

“We pride ourselves on our research capabilities,” he said. “We want to have people who are going to take calls correctly and enter the data correctly.”

Veterans are extremely dependable, he said.

Hawkins said his experience with the career center has been a positive one, adding that the veterans outreach staff was “very helpful in pointing me in the right direction.”

The office also is disability friendly, he said.

The call center jobs vary, but are typically four to five hours per day. They start short term, but can be longer.

So far, 15 to 20 veterans have been hired that came through the Washington Career Center, which is located at 1108 Washington Square Shopping Center.

Hawkins said he looks forward to continuing work with the community.

“The more veterans we can find the better,” he said. “(The center is) a short drive from Washington and we would love to partner with people in Washington.”

For more information, people may call Winding River Research at 636-778-1363.