Anthony Strubberg received a conditional use permit to open an automotive sales and repair business in Leslie.

By a unanimous vote, at the March 18 meeting, the Franklin County Planning and Zoning Commission approved Strubberg’s CUP request to open a business at 6883 Highway CC in Leslie.

Strubberg told the commission his main goal is to repair cars.

“The goal is to provide quality, affordable auto repairs,” Strubberg said.

In his application, Strubberg also requested a permit to sell cars. He is not interested in making that the focal point of the business.

“I’m not looking to have a used car lot,” Strubberg said. “It would be one or two classic cars that would be kept inside overnight due to their value.”

Strubberg said he would like to get a few classic cars a month, fix them up, and sell them.

“Classic vehicles, not just your average daily driver,” Strubberg said.

All repairs would take place in an enclosed building already on site. Strubberg estimated he would have seven to 10 cars on site at a time.

While he doesn’t own the property, Strubberg said he did have permission from the owner to open the business.

He also told the commission he plans to erect a sign to advertise the company.

“It would be right next to the building, between the building and the road,” he said.

Strubberg said he has just one employee, but he would like to add more.

“I would hope so, at one point, but that would depend on the growth of the business,” he said.

With no opposition, the commission unanimously agreed to vote on the request later at the meeting.

All commissioners voted in favor of the CUP with several conditions. In addition to the standard conditions, the shop can only be open from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment only on Saturdays.

Another condition is that all vehicles stored outside must be kept behind a site-proof fence.

Strubberg has one year to comply with all the conditions.

Tork Ltd.

While Strubberg was able to receive his permit, Tork Ltd. will have to wait another month to find out if its CUP was approved.

Because of the concerns of Commissioner Jay Schultehenrich, Tork’s permit request was sent to the review committee and will be decided at another meeting. The planning and zoning commission needs just one vote to send a request to the review committee.

Tork Ltd., currently located in St. Clair, requested the permit to move and open up shop at 1114 N. Service Road near Union. According to the permit request, the company would have no employees and a small inventory on site.

“Part of the reason we want to move is to have a bigger lot, plus the excellent visibility along Interstate 44.” James Beas, Tork representative, said. “It would be a good location.”

The location is what concerned Schultehenrich.

“Car lots that have been very good to the community have kept up their lots and in a nice manner, but I can also think of others that have not done that,” Schultehenrich said. “I know the land you’re talking about is very visible from I-44, so that’s a concern to — how it’s going to be looking and how it’s going to be presented.”

Beas told the commission the lot could hold between 20 and 30 cars.

“It’s a pretty good sized lot,” he said.

The lot is already fenced in, so Tork would be restricted from adding too many cars to the site.

“Everything would be maintained inside the fence,” Beas said.

Beas said there would be some maintenance work done at the site, but only on the vehicles for sale.

“We are going to do some repairs on the vehicles at the facility, but it’s not going to be public repairs,” Beas said.

There were no public objections to the permit, but Schultehenrich was still uneasy.

“I’d like to have the review committee look at this,” Schultehenrich said. “I’d like that to be done, and I appreciate the consideration.”