Sometimes shoppers have to go off the beaten path to find the unique handmade items, vintage goods and reclaimed wood products.

That’s the case at the Barn House Project, located off Highway EE in the Beaufort area.

The store is housed in a barn that had once stored farm equipment, but today features a selection of organic items and decorations.

The Barn House Project is owned by Sharon and Norman Birke, and operated by Sharon and her daughter Annie Jones.

The store offers an eclectic collection of items for sale, many of which are “gently used” that have been refurbished or redecorated.

“I don’t think Franklin County has a store with stuff like this,” said Jones. “There are some awesome resale shops, but nothing like we’re doing with handmade stuff.”

According to Jones, she and Birke purchase items at garage sales, or other places, and add their personal touch.

“We take some things that would have been thrown away, and recycling it to make it into something that could be decor,” said Jones.

“We’re not a garage sale, but an organic shop that you find off the beaten path,” she added.

There are several homemade items, including jewelry made by Jones from a variety of charms or trinkets. Some of them are antiques and all of them are unique.

“It’s all different — some of these pieces are extremely old,” she said. “They are sentimental items that give people a story to tell.”

Jones also makes garland that has a variety of uses, she said, including to decorate photos.

“We want to interact with people and help them decorate,” Jones added.

There are older wooden toys that are attractive to some parents.

“People look for these items and not plastic,” Jones said.

One of the biggest sellers at the stores is the reclaimed wood line furnished by Norman Birke.

Sharon Birke noted that Norman came onboard withe the project once he learned that he could utilize the wood that had been laying around the farm.

Much of the wood is reclaimed from a farmhouse that had been on the property, as well as barn wood and some wood from pallets.

The line includes barnwood trays, and other decorative items crafted by Norman Birke.

Also available are pieces handful of older farm equipment pieces.

Future plans call for small group workshops to work on a variety of “projects,” Jones explained.

The store is open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sundays from noon to 4 p.m.

The shop has a Facebook page, and an Etsy shop.

People may contact the store at 314-623-2560, or by email at thebarnhouseproject@gmailcom.