Adam Puchta Winery’s newest wine, Desire, has been awarded a Jefferson Cup for best white non-vinifera wine at the 14th annual Jefferson Cup Invitational wine competition.

This competition was held Nov. 21-22 in Kansas City.

Many people have begun to call the Jefferson Cup Invitational, the “Olympics” of wine competitions, because it’s not open to every winery willing to submit an entrance fee, but rather only top wineries from tastings and competitions throughout 2013 are selected to be invited to participate.

“We are so excited to have our brand new wine, Desire, win top honors at the prestigious Jefferson Cup wine competition” said Tim Puchta, owner of Adam Puchta Winery. “Kudos to our winemaker Michael Rouse and his production team — they do an awesome job at producing all of our fine wines.”

Along with earning a Jefferson Cup, Adam Puchta Winery also was awarded with 12 additional medals for its wines.

The winery’s 1855 wine was a Jefferson Cup nominee, which is equivalent to a double gold in other competitions.

Medals of American Excellence (similar to gold medals elsewhere) were awarded to its Situation Red, Norton Vintner’s Reserve, Legacy, Dry Rosé, Anniversary Port and Signature Port.

Medals of American Merit (same as silver medals) were awarded to its 2008 Estate Bottled Norton, Traminette, Vidal Blanc and Dry Vignoles.