In an effort to save money, the Franklin County Commission may hire a part-time worker to clean the county government center instead of contracting with a private firm.

However, the commission will continue to contract with Custom Cleaning and Building Maintenance of Washington to clean the county judicial center. The commissioners on Tuesday approved a contract of $37,500 a year with the firm for the judicial center.

Instead of approving the firm’s separate bid of $20,625 to also clean the government center, the county plans to handle the cleaning of that facility in-house.

After the Tuesday commission meeting, Second District Commissioner Mike Schatz said this may save money.

The commission sought bids to get the best price of custodial services and said Custom Cleaning and Building Maintenance was the “lowest and most responsive” bid for the judicial center.

Another firm called ABM Janitorial Services of St. Louis bid a lower amount of $25,184 to clean the judicial center but was not selected.

County officials say they determined that ABM would actually be subcontracting out the work to another firm. The county felt that it was not a good move for a company to clean the building without a direct contract with the county.

Custom Cleaning and Building Maintenance currently has the contract to clean the judicial center and the government center until the end of the year.

The new contract for cleaning the judicial center starts Jan. 1.