Local grocers are recovering after nearly being picked clean in advance of this weekend’s big winter storm.

With forecasters accurately predicting a massive storm, many in Washington hit the local grocery stores for the usual staples of bread, eggs and milk.

Shelves throughout stores were barren and picked over. Days after the last flake hit the road, the stores are starting to get back to normal.

“Most of the restocking has been done, but some of it is still a work in progress, said Blaise Warhurst, Washington Walmart store manager.

Warhurt said Walmart prepared for the storm by stocking up and still has plenty of milk and eggs on hand. Bread, however, is a different issue.

While the stores were being hit with customers wanting bread, the vendors were being hit by stores wanting bread. The extreme demand has led to a shortage of bread that will take some time to make up.

“Some of the bread vendors are still working on getting product into the store,” Warhurst said.

Walmart is getting shipments in Tuesday afternoon and evening, he said, and the store should be caught up soon.

“We’re still in recovery,” he said.

At the Washington Schnucks, things also are starting to return to normal.

“They are in a pretty good stock position,” said Paul Simon, spokesman for Schnucks. “Loads are still trying to catch up, but that’s coming around. Vendors are starting to return and get their products on the shelf.”

Simon said most of the store shelves are filled again.

“They have plenty of bananas, produce,” he said. “The store looks good.”

The one exception remains bread. Simon said Schnucks’ bread is on the shelves, but bread from outside vendors is still somewhat missing.