Four positions on the Board of Directors of Crawford Electric Cooperative need to be filled with an election coinciding with the annual meeting of members on Wednesday, Sept. 10.

Co-op members interested in running for the board may begin filing their nominating petitions on Thursday, June 12. The petitions must be signed by at least 15 co-op members.

Candidate information packets are currently available at the co-op or online at

As a locally owned and locally controlled not-for-profit cooperative, Crawford Electric is guided by a nine-member board composed of co-op members.

The board sets policy and develops long-range goals, always safe-guarding the interests of co-op members.

To be a candidate for a position on the board, a person must be a member of the cooperative whose permanent residence is in the co-op’s service territory. In addition, the co-op bylaws list potential conflicts of interest that preclude an individual’s candidacy. Members interested in running for the board should request a copy of the co-op’s bylaws.

The candidate must declare which district position he or she will seek and should contact the co-op to verify district residency.

Three three-year board positions, one from each of the co-op’s three geographic districts, are up for election at each annual meeting.

Also this year, there is an open position for a one-year term in District 1 that needs to be filled. Candidates in District 1 must declare which position they’re seeking, the three-year term or the one-year term.

Nominating petitions signed by at least 15 co-op members must be delivered to the co-op office during the official petition period, which begins at 8 a.m. June 12 and runs through the close of business on Friday, July 25.

First-day filers will draw random numbers to determine ballot order placement. Thereafter, candidates will be listed in the order petitions are received at the co-op.